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MSc. Coelen, J.

Lecturer Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Digital innovation, entrepreneurship, agile and lean innovation, lean research, storytelling

MSc. Costa Junior, J. da

PhD candidate Design Engineering. Expertise: Design for Sustainability, Product Service Systems (PSS), Inclusive Design, Base of the Pyramid, Emerging Markets

Dr. Creusen, M.E.H.

Assistant Professor Product Innovation & Management. Expertise: Consumer research, Consumer psychology, Product perception

Ir. Crone, H.E.C.

Lecturer Advanced Manufacturing. Expertise: Advanced manufacturing, Embodiment design

Dai, C.

Advanced Manufacturing

MSc. Dam, J.J.F. van

Supporting staff member and lecturer, Design Engineering.

Dr. ir. Van Dam, S.S.

Post-doctoral Researcher Circular Product Design. Expertise: Home Energy Management Systems, Domestic Energy Consumption, Design for Behaviour Change, Circular product design, Usability & co-creation

MSc. ir. Dangal, S.

PhD candidate, Design Engineering, Circular Product Design. Expertise: Circular Product Design, Design for Repair, Aviation, Seat Design, Comfort

PhD. MPhil. Davis-Owusu, K.A.

Post-doctoral researcher Internet of Things. Expertise: Ambient Assisted Living, Human Activity Recognition, Awareness, Social Connectedness, Improving the Quality of Life, Food informatics strategies

MSc. De Lille, C.S.H.

Assistant Professor Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Designing user-centered organisations, Aviation Design, Service Design, Servitization, Contextmapping, Product Innovation in Small-to-Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), Methods for user involvement

MSc. Dehli, S.R.

Lecturer Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Medical Design, Strategic Product Design, User-Centered Design, Design Research

Ir. Dekker, M.C.

Assistant Professor Applied Ergonomics and Design. Expertise: Ergonomics, Anthropometrics, RSI (CANS)

MSc. Dekkers, T.

PhD candidate Design Engineering. Expertise: Psychology, Design for Healthcare, Patient Experience Design, Communication, Mixed Methodology

Prof. dr. ir. Desmet, P.M.A.

Professor of Design for Experience. Expertise: Design for emotion, Design for subjective well-being, Measuring user experience, Conceptual design, Positive design

MSc. Di Cicco, F.

PhD candidate, Industrial Design, Human Information Communication Design. Expertise: Psychophysics, Material perception, Image analysis, Physical chemistry

Dr. ir. Diehl, J.C.

Assistant Professor Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Design for Sustainability, Design for the Base of the Pyramid, Design for Cultural Differences

Prof ir. Dijk, M.B. van

Professor of Applied Design. Expertise: Mobility design, Automotive Design, Design Methodology

Ir. / MSc. Dommelen, S. van

Lecturer Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Coaching, Coordinating, Curriculum Revision, Valorisation, Innovation in Education

MSc. Doolaard, J.M.

Researcher Design Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: User studies, Contextmapping, Co-creation sessions, User involvement, Experience design, Sustainability

Msc. Dooren, M.M.M. van

PhD candidate Design Aesthetics. Expertise: Persuasive game design, Psychology, Addiction

MSc. Doorn, E.C. van

PhD candidate Computer Aided Design Engineering. Expertise: Man-machine interaction, Traffic management systems, Situation Awareness, Context-aware self-adaptive user interfaces

Dr. Ir. Doorn, F.A.P. van

Researcher Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: Contextual user research, Co-research, Contextmapping, Participatory Design, Interaction Design for and with Children, Co-Design, Design skills in Primary Education

Dr. ir. Doubrovski, E.L.

Post-doctoral researcher Design Engineering. Expertise: Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Design methods for Additive Manufacturing, Multi-material Additive Manufacturing, 3D printed customised products

MSc. D’Olivo, P.

PhD candidate Industrial Design. Expertise: Social-ecological approach in HCI, Healthcare and Psychosocial Development, Communication, Object with Intent, Material selection

Prof. dr. Eekelen, B.F. van

Professor of Design, Culture and Society Industrial Design. Expertise: History of social and human sciences, Anthropology of knowledge, Histories of creativity, Cultural theory, Modern societies and their genealogies, Histories of the future, Material culture, Language & war, Politics & capitalism, Histories of emerging economies

Dr. Egmond, R. van

Associate Professor. Expertise: Product sound design & perception, Cognitive ergonomics, Research Methodology, Data analysis & visualisation

Prof. ir. Eijk, D.J. van

Professor Applied Ergonomics and Design. Expertise: Design for usability

Dr. ir. Elkhuizen, W.S.

Assistant Professor Sustainable Design Engineering. Expertise: 3D scanning, 3D printing, Material appearance reproduction, Cultural Heritage

Elshout, S.A.J. van den

Ir. Ende, R. van den

Lecturer Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Functionality design

Prof. dr. ir. Engelen, J.M.L. van

Professor of Integrated Sustainable Solutions. Expertise: Business and organisation development, Integrated sustainable solutions, Design for sustainability

ir. Ernst, E.

Design Researcher Design Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: MyFutures, Research through Design, Personal futures

Prof. ir. Erp, J. van

Visual Communication, Digital design, Public design, Concept design

MSc. Essers, T.T.W.

Research & Teaching Support staff Mechatronic Design. Expertise: 3D printing, 3D scanning, Fine art reproduction

MSc. Faber, J.

PhD Candidate, Industrial Design, Design Aesthetics. Expertise: eHealth, Inclusive design, eHealth Interventions, Research

MSc. Fakhredin, F.

PhD candidate Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Design for End of Life of electronics, Design for resource efficiency, Ecodesign in electronics industry, QWERTY/EE concept

Dr. Faludi, J.

Assistant Professor, LEED AP BD+C. Expertise: Sustainable Design Methods, Design for Circular Economy, Green 3D Printing

BSc. Fang, G.

PhD candidate, Design Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing. Expertise: Robotics, Geometry computing, Computational design and fabrication

Dr. Ir. Flipsen, S.F.J.

Lecturer Industrial Design Engineering. Expertise: Alternative power sources for portable products, direct methanol fuel cells for portable electronics

Ir. Frese, E.M.

PhD candidate Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Front End of Innovation, New Product Development, Innovation Management, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Idea Evaluation/Selection, Design for Implementation, Strategic Design, Food Design

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