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MSc. Waart, P. van

PhD candidate Design Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: Methods for eliciting human values, Meaningful interactive media and technology

Wang, C.

Advanced Manufacturing.

Ir. Wang, G.

PhD candidate Applied Ergonomics and Design. Expertise: Design for Dementia, Design for Aging, Design for Experience, User-centered Design, Universal Design, Design for Emotion

Dr. Wang, W.

Post-doctoral researcher Advanced Manufacturing. Expertise: Geometry Processing, Computer Graphics, Computational Fabrication

MSc. Willemen, A.M.

Lecturer Marketing and Consumer Behaviour. Expertise: Innovation practice in large companies, The front end of development

Drs. Willems, M.J.E.

Circular Product Design.

Dr. ir. Wu, J.

Assistant Professor Advanced Manufacturing. Expertise: Geometric and physical modelling, Computational fabrication, Design optimization, Surgical simulation, Computer haptics

Xu, Y.

Advanced Manufacturing.

Dr. Xue, H.

Post-doctoral researcher Internet of Things. Expertise: Design for Experience and Well-being, Design Strategy, Cultural/Collective Memory

Yao, X.

PhD candidate, Design Engineering, Mechatronic Design. Expertise: Design for Experience, Comfort, Human Factors, User-Centered Design

MSc. Zhang, F.

PhD candidate Industrial Design. Expertise: Perceptual Intelligence, Visual Qualities of Materials

Ir. Zijlstra, J.J.M.

Lecturer Design Engineering Reliability and Durability

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