Implications of COVID-19 and Inclusive Airport User Experience

This mobility project focuses on investigating the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for the user experience at airports. The aim is to capture airport users and aspects relating to their experience to establish a holistic understanding thereof for all stakeholders, from systems to operations and services.

This user experience is relevant for all areas: from built environment and architectural / (master) planning and operations planning, to technology and support infrastructure. The design research approach is beneficial to investigate the users’ holistic experience and stakeholder’s salient needs for future improvements.

We are investigating focused and broader challenges and opportunities in the aviation industry through a longitudinal study via surveys and qualitative study. This involves a cross cultural and international team of researchers, to develop a global understanding of issues and ideation of prospective solutions in collaboration with international partners. These partners include Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD, Singapore), NKCU (Taiwan), Georgia Tech (U.S.), and the airport division of the ZĂźrich State Police in Switzerland.

This research eventually aims to contribute towards a future-ready inclusive airport experience for every user in the airport ecosystem, from passengers, visitors, and employees to every other stakeholder. Ultimately, it will result in resilient travel processes and improved business performance amidst/post the COVID-19 pandemic.