Designing interactive hospital environments

An interactive installation called ‘ROOMI’ is developed for children with cancer and their family, aiming to support them to cope with emotions during their stay at the hospital. ‘ROOMI’ promotes constructive emotional processing by making it possible to express, externalize and find response to emotions.  

Goals of the project

  • Use the physical environment to influence the experience of patient and family in the hospital
  • Use the physical environment to support children and family in coping with cancer, the way they want and whenever they want
  • Discover needs of patients, family and hospital staff during stay in the hospital  
  • Enable users to reflect and alter their emotions through manipulating the light-ambience of the room, in an easy and comfortable way
  • Give users a feeling of control in a context where they have lost all senses of control
  • Evaluate ‘Roomi’ together with patients, family and hospital staff

Graduate student

  • Nurgül Işık