Radiotherapy is now more dependent on medical imaging than it has ever been – and that dependence is only going to become greater. SUMMER aims to blend the information in a comprehensible and usable way.

Goals of the project

SUMMER is devised to produce a unique software solution for biological target volume delineation based on spatial co-registration of multi-modal morphologic and functional images.

As part of the FP7 project, IDE brings understanding of the needs of users in the delineation process. Based on needs of users, we design user interfaces which 1) can be easily integrated in the workflow and 2) are able to achieve effective and efficient interactions. This will be achieved through research in two areas: First, research is conducted in the area of brain tumour delineation, where a contextualized sensemaking model was constructed to get a better understanding of the cognitive aspects of physicians. Those understandings can be used to improve the workflow and user interface design; Second, research is conducted in the area of organs at risk delineation to improve the efficiency of the HCI process of interactive segmentation. Based on the quantitative and qualitative measures of the HCI process, we proposed HCI design suggestions and verified them through iterative design processes. 

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