Fly Your Dreams

The goal of this project is to create a product and/or service that provides brand awareness for Fly Aeolus. Fly Aeolus offers private business flight travel in North- West Europe. Thorough internal and external analysis have shown opportunities for Fly Aeolus to broaden the market and to focus besides business- on leisure flights. The new concept, Fly Your Dreams, offers packages for exclusive day outs.

A private pilot brings the passenger with one of his planes to the best places and/or activities in North-West Europe. The experience can be bought as a gift for special occasions like a 50th birthday, wedding anniversary, business incentive or just for fun. During the passenger journey of Fly Your Dreams different touch points are created and/or redesigned to generate a special customer experience. A website is developed that communicates the experience and shows all the best activities and places in North- West Europe. After booking an exclusive day out the passenger will receive a personal invitation. This invitation gives information and allows the passenger to download the Fly Your Dreams application. The application keeps the passenger updated, serves as a communication tool between the passenger, pilot and Fly Aeolus and can be used to create a photo collage of the day. After the trip the passenger receives a postcard that includes the photo’s made during that day. This touch points reminds the passenger of the special day.

Fly Your Dreams creates a new brand experience for Fly Aeolus which helps to generate more awareness for the private flight industry for both leisure and business.

Fly Your Dreams concentrates fully on the passenger’s experience. The experience is divided into three stages: the pre-experience, flying experience and post- experience.

Multiple touch points were developed into prototypes to validate the concept with different stakeholders. This involves the Fly Your Dreams website, application, invitation, brochure and postcard.


  • Kimberly Hulst