Inflight Service Concept Design

This project proposed a change for the innovation process, where the wishes of customers/users become the main driver for product development. By applying the Vision in Product design approach as an innovation process, a Vision Statement for 2020 was co- created with the sales team and design team within ZA and its airline partners.

Inputs that formulated the future context came from the exploration phase of, 1) In-context passenger concern research (applying design for emotion and context-mapping tools) (2) Service routine analysis with cabin crews; 3) Trend analysis with multiple stakeholders(airport/inflight service design team/cabin crews/ZA designers/ ZA sales).
The future vision for 2020 was materialised into a concept proposal, Journey Sneak Peek, as the first project outcome. Secondly, the entire process that led to the final design was structured and analysed to create the resulting material for the ZA User- Centric Innovation Approach.

More information

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  • Wan Jen Tsay