The Center of Design for Advanced Manufacturing (CDAM) focuses on product design and the design process enabled by the possibilities within the agile manufacturing. Agile manufacturing refers to the ability for a company to adapt quickly to the customerā€™s demand, to the technology evolution and more generally, to react positively to the variation of the market.

The research topics within the CDAM are digitalization, computational design, digital manufacturing and human robot co-production. Research in these directions is performed to implement product design and adapt the design process to industry 4.0 standards. Next to that the CDAM offers facilities and support to give research and students acces to the latest technology within these four directions. 


We believe that manifesting the latest and future technology in industry 4.0 will educate students, generate new research and help innovate SMEs to contribute to creating useful applications of Agile Manufacturing for user-centered design and (personalized) products, taking into account the full product life cycle.



  • Educate students to fit the demands of Industry 4.0 on the design process/approach.
  • Perform research on Agile Manufacturing and develop new design methodologies which fit the Industry 4.0 standard.
  • Create collaborations with the SMEs to implement Agile Manufacturing within their production process and show the opportunities of Industry 4.0.