Project MARCH Collaboration

News - 11 October 2020 - CDAM

CDAM and Oceanz collaborated with project MARCH to help them realize their current prototype exoskeleton MARCH IVc.

Project MARCH is a student team of the TU Delft which is involved in the development of a user-friendly and versatile exoskeleton, a motorized robotic suit, that can be used to get people with a spinal cord injury to stand up and walk again. 

CDAM and Oceanz had a helping hand in the design and creation of the 3D printed covers that cover all the electronics on the exoskeleton. Oceanz's professional 3D printing facilities were used to print the covers. 




After a year of hard work the team of project MARCH revealed the new exoskeleton on the 20th of August with a live demonstration. During this demonstration their pilot Sjaan demonstrated the capabilities of the exoskeleton by walking the Cybathlon run.

Now the 5th project MARCH team has handed over the ropes to the new student team which will continue with realizing the vision of project MARCH.

MARCH IVc - The Reveal