JOE is an interactive punching bag that introduces you to boxing and makes training by yourself fun and stimulating again. Together with a special set of gloves JOE uses light as a trigger to let you know exactly where to hit.

The punching bag has a set of pre-programmed boxing combinations to train coordination, agility and speed. One of the seven circles will start flickering shortly and fades out after which another circle with light up. As soon as you hit a circle the intensity of the light increases in a flash and the boxing glove lights up in the same color, as if it absorbs the light. The harder you punch, the brighter the flash will be. JOE can be used for several purposes. It can be a fun introduction to boxing at public sports events where the light will trigger curiosity. JOE is also suitable for a more personal setting. When there is no trainer around to motivate you, it can be hard to start. By using JOE, it becomes more interesting to train by yourself.




  • Nils Berg
  • Lisa van de Merwe
  • Rianne Schlepers
  • Hekon van Duijvendijk
  • Suzanne de Witte
  • Sabrin Ghaza