Amelia heated gloves

Heated Gloves for women with Raynaud’s syndrome | The fashionable solution to painfully cold hands

Raynaud’s syndrome

Raynaud’s syndrome is a common disease which causes arteries to narrow, limiting the blood flow to the skin. An attack can cause your fingers to turn cold, white and blue and is accompanied with feelings of numbness, prickling and pain.

The design project

The most common cause of a Raynaud’s attack is a cold environment. Heated gloves could therefore help Raynaud’s patients, not only by lowering the painful feelings during attacks, but by raising the ambient temperature in order to prevent them.

A pair of elegant heated gloves has been designed, prototype and iterated with the input from user from the target group.

The Amelia heated gloves are designed to actively warm the hands of women with Raynaud’s syndrome. Contrary to existing heated gloves this design is good looking, slim and flexible. Allowing finger dexterity and sensitivity. By preventing Raynaud’s attacks these gloves can reduce and prevent pain, make the wearer look good and give her back the power to use her hands in any situation.

Graduate student

  • Doenja Maris