A 12-lead ECG system for home use

Every year, 30.000 people in the Netherlands get a myocardial infarction. People who do not know that they are getting an infarction, often ignore the pain for some time, while they must act quickly to minimize damage.
Myocardial infarctions are diagnosed with the help of one principal test: the registration of the electrocardiogram (ECG). Fast diagnosis with the help of ECGs is also important for people with arrhythmias. However, fast diagnosis is hindered, because symptoms often do not occur at the time that diagnostic research is executed in the hospital. These problems show that, for diagnosing arrhythmias and infarctions at an early stage, there is a need to enable patients themselves to make 12-lead ECGs anywhere and anytime that symptoms occur. In collaboration with two cardiologists from the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam and a lot of potential users, ECGraph was designed. ECGraph is a product-service system that enables patients to make reliable 12-Lead ECGs at the time they have complaints. The patient will record the data himself and sends them to the cardiologist. This will result in a faster diagnosis, a more efficient cardiac care system, and above all, healthier people.

Graduate Student

  • Annemarijn Steijlen (Graduated February 16th, 2017)