A mindfulness blouse

For us human beings in the West, clothing has become a disposable product that provides us with protection from the environment and displays our sense of style. But, the future of clothing is about to change with the rise of smart textiles.

Enso is a blouse designed for female employees that work in office environments aged 25 to 35 that are not able to relax from work. Enso provides an on-the-job recovery experience that can be accessed whenever the wearer feels like it.

Graduate Student

  • Sacha Franken


By closing the garment the wearer can control when she wants to start the relaxation process
The small piece of fabric at the bottom of the collar functions as a fidget tool. A heartbeat sequence is felt on the skin to keep the wearer calm and focused while working.
The wearer can start the breathing exercise by caressing the left sleeve. The sleeve lights up and the collar moves up and down in a breathing sequence at rest.

The Making Of

The Making Of