Grippy: Smart glove to help out PTSD patients

Grippy is a wearable with a self-reporting tool for stress. The glove contains heartrate and acceleration sensors, a self-reporting pressure sensor and a direct connection to a mobile phone. The glove can estimate the stress level based on the sensor signals combined with data from the phone (location tracking, time of the day). If a patient experiences stress he can self-report that by squeezing the pressure sensor in his hand palm. Grippy and can act as a coach which helps, warns, and sets challenges.

Design concept and use scenario of Grippy

Grippy project team

  • Xueliang Li (coordination)
  • Aadjan van der Helm (electronics)
  • Nirav Malsattar (programming)
  • Martin Havranek (electronics)
  • Elvis Andrade Borges (app programming)
  • Remy van Rooijen (PCB design and hardware)
  • Linda Plaude (textile design)
  • Marco Rozendaal (supervision)
  • Kaspar Jansen (supervision)
Use scenario of the app


Research on user interaction with the Grippy glove is currently being performed.