Meddy is designed for the project of Light.Touch.Matters, as a hand-held product. LTM is a smart material, which is pressure sensitive. This sensitivity will be used as an input, with lights serving as feedback. The characteristics of this very thin and bendable material are suitable for helping people performing CPR. 

Meddy registers the input of the user and translates it to light patterns during CPR exercise. The purpose of Meddy is to give CPR trainees, in first aid training- centers, immediate feedback about their performance for an accurate development of knowledge in the execution of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 

The interaction with Meddy is designed to be natural, easy and intuitive. By hiding the actual product and integrating it with the clothes of the reanimation doll, Meddy becomes invisible. The lights are educational and should be intuitive in its feedback behaviour. Learning CPR with Meddy should give the trainees confidence. 

Graduate students

  • Tugba Camci
  • Youri Havenaar
  • Jacqueline van ‘t Hof
  • Thessa Jansen
  • Wout Kommer
  • Parizad Saremi