Sensor Shorts version 2

Reducing hamstring injuries in football and field hockey

In version 2 we implement:

  • Acceleration sensors with an extended range (now up to 32 g acceleration and 4000 deg/s angular velocity).
    The data sampling frequency is now 250 Hz
  • Design and develop our own printed circuit boards
  • Sensors and data processing units integrated in small, dedicated pockets
  • Integrated stretchable wiring



  • Kaspar Jansen: Coordination and supervision
  • Annemarijn Steijlen: PhD student
  • Linda Plaude: Textile design
  • Elvis Andrade Borges: software development
  • Jeroen Bastemeijer: Hardware and PCB design


Wiring laced in strips of textile
Sensor unit (21*24*8 mm)


Currently the performance of the version 2 prototype is evaluated and compared with both standard IMU sensors and VICON measurements