Wearable for measuring Myocardial Infarction

In this project in cooperation with the Cardiology department of the  Leiden University Medical Centre, several self-monitoring devices for myocardial infarction patients were evaluated and a patient friendly necklace wearable is developed for fast identification of possible arrhythmias.



The condition of the heart can be monitored by measuring the electrical signals of the heart in a so-called ElectroCardioGram (ECG). The detection of that signal is not very difficult and a series of portable ECG devices are currently commercially available. One of the main problems of these devices is that the collected data is owned by the company and the patient and hospital often have to pay for a costly premium plan in order to access a detailed version of the data.

In this project therefore a simple and easy to use ECG wearable was designed and prototyped.

Graduate student

  • Kevin Mamaqi


Necklace prototype and electronics
Necklace prototype and electronics
Filtered heart rate signal
Exploded view of design drawing for portable ECG measurement device
App with instructions for use