Third age Suit

Most students enjoy good health and having good eyes and a flexible physical body. If they are asked to design for elderly or for people with limited mobility or just for older people, they have no insight in the lives of people with limitations.

Therefore Third Age Suits were developed in UK and Japan since 1990. At TU Delft-IDE we developed our own version during the course Inclusive Design and during the project GENIE. Now students can borrow this suit at our lab. People from outside the faculty pay a small rent. 

Goals of the project

The objectives are to experience being old and or having limited capacity in your body.

10% of all people have a physical limitation (handicap/disability) and 1% of all people have a mental disorder, including (light) dementia.

This suit lets the user experience how difficult it is to reach above  the head, to walk the stairs,  to read a mobile or to type an address at a mobile.