The Product Evaluation Laboratory (PEL) is a research facility within the Design, Organisation and Strategy department of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Since 1987 it has offered various facilities and services for conducting consumer research for science and education.

To get an impression of how consumer research can be conducted, you can watch the following video:

 The PEL offers the following facilities:

  1. Consumer panel (approx. 1500 households)
    A household can consist of several respondents, which can be selected based on socio-economic and demographic variables.
  2. Research room
    This room is equipped with two video cameras and microphones and is suitable for carrying out and recording observations, interviews and group discussions. 
  3. Control and observation room
    This room is equipped with monitors and video and audio equipment. This allows the research room to be observed and recordings can be made.
  4. Call centre
    In this room, equipped with a network of computers and hands-free telephones, the preparatory work takes place (including selecting and inviting respondents).
  5. Internet research 
    PEL also facilitates online research with the cooperation of the panel members through the software program Qualtrics.

What kind of studies are possible?

The PEL facilitates research focused on consumer products. This can be all aspects of product development, such as testing product concepts, product usage research and orienting research. Written, oral, telephone or internet surveys are conducted with the cooperation of the PEL panel members.

Who can use the PEL?

Researchers and students of Delft University of Technology can use the services of the PEL, but also researchers from other universities or the business community. However, it is a requirement that it is scientific research and that it has an added value for education. An external company can use the facilities if, for example, a student is involved in the research as part of a graduation project.

The costs

As part of the TU Delft, the PEL provides its services for a reasonable price (non-profit).

Hanneke Sosef-de Haan