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Msc. Albayrak, A.

Assistant Professor Applied Ergonomics & Design. Expertise: Design for Healthcare, Medisign

MSc. Baldassarre, B.

PhD candidate Design Engineering

MSc. Barati, B.

PhD candidate Design Engineering

MSc. Boru, A.

PhD candidate Industrial Design. Expertise: e-Health, ICT in Healthcare, Innovation Process and Models, New Product Development (NPD), Stakeholder Involvement and Assessment, Stakeholder Theory, Multi-Level Systems

Dr. ir. Bakker, C.A.

Professor of Design Methodology for Sustainability and Circular Economy. Expertise: Design for sustainability, Design for circular economy, Design methodology

MSc. Cencen, A.

PhD candidate Design Engineering. Expertise: Advanced Manufacturing, Human-Robot Interaction, Interactive Technologies, Digital fabrication, 3D Printing

Dai, C.

Advanced Manufacturing

Dr. Eisenbart, B.

Assistant Professor in Design Theory and Methodology Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Interdisciplinary Product Development, Design Thinking, Design Theory and Methodology, Function Modelling, Engineering Design, Innovation Management, Decision Making, Behavioural Strategies

ir. Ernst, E.

Design Researcher Design Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: MyFutures, Research through Design, Personal futures

MSc. Fakhredin, F.

PhD candidate Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Design for End of Life of electronics, Design for resource efficiency, Ecodesign in electronics industry, QWERTY/EE concept

Fang, G.

Advanced Manufacturing.

Dr. Calabretta, G.

Assistant professor Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Design management, Integrating design skills and methods in companies, Designers in innovation strategy and early development, Competitive Advantage through Strategic Design (CASD), Creative Industry Scientific Program (CRISP)

Prof. dr. Giaccardi, E.

Professor of Interactive Media Design. Expertise: Design research, Interaction design, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Social media

MSc. Groeneveld, B.

PhD candidate Applied Ergonomics and Design. Expertise: Medical design, Tailoring

ir. Berghuis, G.H.

Lecturer and coach Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Business modelling, Agile and Lean Start-Up, Pitching, Product Launch Strategy, Entrepreneurship

MSc. Hao C.

PhD candidate Industrial Design. Expertise: Contextmapping, Co-creation in China, User-centered design

Ir. Crone, H.E.C.

Lecturer Advanced Manufacturing. Expertise: Advanced manufacturing, Embodiment design

MSc. Hilhorst, D.

PhD candidate Design Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: 3D printing, Multi-Material 3D printing, Design for Additive Manufacturing

Prof. dr. Horvath, I.

Professor of Computer Aided Design Engineering. Expertise: Philosophical aspects of design, Computer support of conceptual design, Future digital design studios, Multi-physics-based interaction simulation, Volumetric air-borne visualization, Natural interfaces for tangible virtuality, Vehicle telematics and applications, Electronic, mobile and ubiquitous learning technologies

Prof. dr. Hultink, H.J.

Professor of New Product Marketing, Head of Product Innovation Management Department. Expertise: Launch strategies, New product performance, Time to market strategies for new industrial products, IT usage, New product effectiveness, Organizing for new product development

Mr. Bourgeois, J.

Assistant Professor Internet of Things. Expertise: Personal Internet of Things Data, Participatory analysis and design, Supportive and user-centered systems, Sustainability and renewable energy

Dr. Jamsin, E.

Assistant professor Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Modelling dynamics of transitions, Circular economy, Sustainability

Dr. ir. Jansen, A.J.

Lecturer Design Engineering. Expertise: Sports, Sports Innovation, Human powered energy systems

Em. Prof. dr. ir. Brezet, J.C.

Professor Department Design Engineering, section Design for Sustainability

Dr. ir. Diehl, J.C.

Assistant Professor Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Design for Sustainability, Design for the Base of the Pyramid, Design for Cultural Differences

MSc. Jellema, A.H.

Lecturer/researcher Industrial Design. Expertise: Ergonomics, Human factors, 3D scanning, Anthropometrics, 3D body scanning, Virtual fit mapping, Digital Human Modeling (DHM)

Prof. dr. Jakimowicz, J.J.

Professor of Safety in Health care Department Design Engineering, section Applied Ergonomics and Design

Ir. Joustra, J.J.

PhD candidate Circular Product Design. Expertise: Composite materials, Circular Product Design

MSc. Costa Junior, J. da

PhD candidate Design Engineering. Expertise: Design for Sustainability, Product Service Systems (PSS), Inclusive Design, Base of the Pyramid, Emerging Markets

Ir. Godfroij, B.K.

PhD researcher. Expertise: Collaboration, Co-design, Service Design, Participatory techniques

MSc. Ingemarsdotter, E.K.

PhD candidate. Expertise: Circular Product Design

Dr. Karana, E.

Associate Professor Emerging Materials, Design Engineering. Expertise: Materials Design, Material driven design, bio-based materials, Materials experience

Prof. dr. Keyson, D.

Professor of Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: Sustainable living, Sustainable work, Social contextual interaction design, Interactive technology design, Smart products, Smart environments

MSc. Heijne, K.G.

Researcher Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Creative Facilitation, Education, Learning, Co-design, Co-creation

ir. Klein, D.

Circular Product Design.

Ir. Klitsie, J.B.

PhD candidate Design Engineering. Expertise: Innovation Management, Service Innovation, Organisational design, Valley of Death, Innovation by design, Action research

Dr. ir. Kobus, C.B.A

Researcher Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Innovation management, Design for sustainable and efficient households, Collaboration in innovation

MSc. Konietzko, J.C.

PhD candidate Circular business model design. Expertise: Circular economy, Business model design, Business model experimentation

Dr. ir. Koning, J.I.J.C. de

PhD candidate Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Service Design, Design for Sustainability, Participatory design, Co-creation, Sustainable Food, Emerging Economies

Kooijman, A.

Lecturer Design Engineering

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