At DIMI, scientists and students work together in the field of Deltas, Infrastructures and Mobility. In our academic education it is very important to approach issues in an integrated manner and from an interdisciplinary perspective. This prepares students better to practice and in understanding the systems as a whole. Furthermore, they will have more awareness of the multidisciplinary context of collaboration and the application of knowledge. The combination of Design & Engineering and Management & Engineering (T-shape) dedicated to the domains of Deltas, Infrastructures and Mobility give direction to educational programs and improve the employability of graduates for the labor market of associated sectors. TU Delft has a broad educational programme to offer in the field of Infrastructure and Environment.

The programme consists of:

  • Specialist BSc programmes and attractive minor specialisations
  • MSc programmes which provide a full range of both dedicated and integrated courses
  • MSc tracks, specialisations and annotations for those with specific interests
  • Honours programme on top of regular MSc programmes
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