Student projects

Dear students,

Due to the transition year of DIMI it is no longer possible to submit financing applications throughout the year. However, DIMI wants to continue to stimulate innovative student projects despite limited resources, therefore we have set two call rounds for 2020 to give your team the opportunity to submit a funding application. The set deadlines are 1 March 2020 and 1 October 2020. Results will be announced by email within 2-3 weeks after the deadline.

Your application must contain at least the following information:

- A fully completed financing form (all fields of the form filled out)
- A clear overview of the total budget of your project
- Composition and description of your student team showing the multidisciplinary
- A project plan or web link for additional information about your project
- Names of the involved TU Delft teachers
- A TU ‘baancode’ (to be requested from the department secretariat or via your TU Delft teacher)
- Contact details of the applicant, email + telephone number

We wish you lots of success and ask your TU teachers for help if needed.

!!For the next round, please note that all applications must be emailed to Daniëlle Hellendoorn before 00.00h on October 1 2020.

Incomplete or late submissions of your application cannot be processed. The 'TU Baan code/project code' we want to get from you are financial codes, so please do not send other codes.

You can download the application form here. (docx)