Flood Prevention Guayaquil Ecuador

DIMI is co-funding the student project Flood Prevention Guayaquil.

At the beginning of next semester, our project team of 4 TU Delft students will travel to Guayaquil, Ecuador, to analyse and propose a solution for the complex flooding problems of the city. For eight weeks, we will be working from the university of Guayaquil (ESPOL) to map and model the increasing flood risk, mainly affecting the less wealthy parts of town.

Guayaquil is one of the most vulnerable cities to flooding in the world. The tide penetrates deep into the river that crosses the city. Due to the shape of the delta of the Guayas river, the amplitude of the tidal wave increases up to a very large height when propagating towards Guayaquil. This phenomenon, in combination with the global sea level rise, and a very intense rainy season, increases the risk of flooding of the Guayas river or one of the side branches in the city of Guayaquil.

Combining our backgrounds of Hydraulic Engineering, Geo-Engineering and Watermanagement, and with the support of our respected supervisors, we are looking forward to getting started. We will keep you updated!

More information on the webite of the project

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