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08 September 2020

New land subsidence map reveals the Netherlands’ (in)stability

Lopsided houses, subsiding streets, shifting dykes and nature reserves stricken by drought. In the years ahead, there will need to be some serious investment in maintenance by citizens, businesses and government.

16 June 2020

Tim van der Hagen: 'RHIA past in een multidisciplinaire aanpak'

29 May 2020

Rotterdam The Hague Airport opens 'workshop for innovations’

This afternoon (Friday 29 May 2020) a unique AIRPORT TECHNOLOGY LAB (ATL) will open at Rotterdam The Haque Airport.

19 March 2020

Official kick-off of the “Airport Technology Lab”

19 March 2020

Delta Futures Lab

19 March 2020

Message from Marcel Hertogh

19 March 2020

DIMI The Legacy

Since 2013, DIMI has sponsored approximately 150 projects in the domain of deltas, infrastructures and mobility. The ultimate goal is to reduce knowledge fragmentation, in order to create integrated solutions for the sustainable development of urban deltas.

12 February 2020

"Cycling under the highway, that's unique"

03 December 2019

Understanding and predicting sandy beaches

Sand is the second most widely used raw material in the world, after water. Sand dunes keep our country safe from flooding.

11 April 2019

The value of research by design

As part of the upcoming book publication ‘The city of the future’, BK researchers Tom Daamen and Hedwig van der Linden reflected on the value of research by design for urban area development. This type of design thinking can create added value for clients on different levels of the design brief.