Innovation Airport

The Innovation Airport Initiative is one of DIMI’s special projects. It started in 2016 as a result of the shared ambition of DIMI and the Aerospace faculty to combine and leverage the knowledge & expertise of all TUD-faculties in the field of airports in a larger program than could be achieved individually. Since all faculties already contribute to airport research significantly, there is an opportunity for TU Delft to play a key role in changing the future of airports.
Considering the challenges airports and aviation in general are facing (such as noise, emissions, capacity issues), this change is a necessity. The focus should be on driving forward innovative research and developments on a system level rather than a slowly step-by-step approach, as the latter would probably not suffice.

Innovation Airport therefore aims to:
1) Nurture an airport research profile, consisting of ambitious, innovative and inter-disciplinary/inter-faculty expertise & research projects
2) Facilitate a cooperation and networking platform, with a wide pool of stakeholders and (international) industry partners, Government, etc.
3) Establish Living Lab(s) to exchange knowledge, and develop, test & demonstrate new technologies, products and services  – with valuable partners such as Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) & Schiphol!

Collaboration with RHIA
Since the start of Innovation Airport multiple research- and student projects have been linked to Rotterdam The Hague Airport. In November 2019 a Letter of Intent has been signed between TU Delft and RHIA , the innovation program of RTHA and Gemeente Rotterdam. Aim is to strengthen the collaboration by exchanging knowledge, experience & network, expanding on current projects,  and initiating new innovative projects that contribute to sustainable aviation.

More information about RHIA, the  innovation organisation of Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Gemeente Rotterdam can be found here.

Ir. M.E. (Elise) Bavelaar


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