Breach Experiment

The Hydraulic Engineering section at CEG has started to cooperate more closely with the department of Geotechnical and Dredging Engineering department at 3ME on conducting research into dike safety.

As part of this joint organisation a symposium was organized in Belgium in the first half of November 2015 to present the results of two breach experiments. The turnout to the symposium consisted of several international players in the field of breach growth research.  As part of the outcome of the symposium a breach research community was instigated which again met up during the Floodrisk2016 Conference in Lyon. The symposium has kick-started the exchange of ideas for collaboration with several international partners including the University of South Carolina and the US Army Corps of Engineers-ERDC division. 

Currently the faculties of 3ME and CEG are collaboration in preparing a research proposal into breaching of levees, and are collaborating in MSc research projects.  The three groups are also involved in the preparations of the breach experiments to be held in near future.  

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