Collaborative PhD-project

The collaborative PhD track is an initiative of TU Delft Deltas, Infrastructures & Mobility Initiative (DIMI) and Delft Energy Initiative (DEI).

In a world of increasing complexity and rapid technological development, the interplay between social issues and academic expertise is essential. It’s an area where innovation and research fulfil an important role. Doctoral candidates working at companies and governmental agencies are a compelling proposition. These professionals are familiar with the context, are aware of the real-life situation and aspire to learn more in order to contribute to the innovative capacity of the organization at which they work.

Companies and organisations active n the fields of deltas, infrastructure and mobility or energy-related issues are in the position to offer talented employees the opportunity to conduct research in collaboration with TU Delft. They have already gained a wealth of practical experience that can be built upon. 

As such, a collaborative PhD track represents the ideal chance for talented employees to develop further and to gain important new insights. An additional advantage is that the flow of academic expertise into practical application is accelerated.


Also available: "Talent development and collaborative research with TU Delft: Collaborative PhD Tracks" (PDF)

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