WeSense is a research and valorisation project to help create cities that are more attractive, healthier, fairer and safer. WeSense is intended to develop and apply mobile technologies and Social Media Information System (SMIS) to describe public urban spaces. The project aims to:

  • Contribute to scientific knowledge base on environmental perception related to landscape architecture and urban planning;
  • Improve the insights of administrations into citizen perception, use and valuing of public urban spaces for policy making and planning of public space;
  • Provide a platform for citizen and stakeholder interaction to enhance public involvement in urban- space-related issues.

WeSense is an integrated platform that includes a mobile phone app and a web-based Social Media Information System. It will be developed in two stages:

  1. Pilot stage with test implementation in the metropolitan region of Amsterdam;
  2. Follow-up stage with full implementation in Amsterdam, to be followed in other cities in the Netherlands and abroad.
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