Regional collaboration, in AI, Data and Digitalisation

The Zuid-Holland region is home to one of the largest AI ecosystems in the Netherlands. To unlock its potential, both in scientific research and innovation, the various knowledge institutions, governments and companies in the province are working closely together. In this way they contribute to the major regional, national and international societal challenges.

Many AI techniques have shown a strong development over the past ten years, both from the theory of algorithms, machine learning and human-machine interaction and from the practice where large-scale utilisation has become possible, for example because the amount of data has increased enormously. 

This gives us important tools to tackle societal challenges. This starts in the region: Zuid-Holland, with the Port of ​​Rotterdam, two large cities and major challenges in the field of energy and sustainability, mobility, safety and health, embodies the major challenges that we also face at a national and international level.

If we tackle these challenges together and from different disciplines, then we can take large steps. TU Delft is involved in two platforms from which this is shaped. Within the so-called AI Convergence, the Zuid-Holland universities and the university medical centers are working together. This collaboration forms the scientific backbone of Holland AI, in which governments and the business community are also involved.

AI Convergence

We jointly develop minor programs in AI, data and digitalization, and prepare modules and materials that will be included in the curricula of all 85,000 university students in Zuid-Holland.

In research and innovation, we link up with the themes that have a strong regional profile. It is no coincidence that these are the same subjects as the focus themes within TU Delft:

  • Energy and sustainability
  • Port and maritime
  • Peace, justice and security
  • Health and care
  • Technological industry

Holland AI

Holland AI is a network organization of knowledge institutions, governments and companies in South Holland that work with AI. Holland AI unlocks the regional AI ecosystem, one of the largest in the country. The focus is on strengthening this regional ecosystem and on accelerating innovation around AI. Here, too, the focus is on the above five themes.

As the Zuid-Holland hub, Holland AI is affiliated with the Netherlands AI Coalition and is a showcase for knowledge institutions, governments and companies that want to work with AI.