ADAM: Acoustics by parametric Design and Additive Manufacturing

Themes: Materials, High Tech

Late lab scale demonstration

A TRL is a measure to indicate the matureness of a developing technology. When an innovative idea is discovered it is often not directly suitable for application. Usually such novel idea is subjected to further experimentation, testing and prototyping before it can be implemented. The image below shows how to read TRL’s to categorise the innovative ideas.

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Cancelling out undesired low frequencies is hard to do effectively and limits architectual freedom. Our novel passive sound absorbing method offers an easily customisable solution.


Tubes integrated in a 3D printed geometry such as a curved panel or freestanding form apply Passive Destructive Interference to cancel out a specific, tuneable, frequency band. It does so especially effective for lower frequency ranges (heavy machinery, airplanes).


The method is being demonstrated in three typical application areas. Further scale up involves developing design software for easy application of the technology by architects.

Ir. Foteini Setaki MSc


Lead Researcher


Prof. dr. ir. Arjan van Timmeren

Dr. ir. Martin Tenpierik

Dr. Michela Turrin March

Dr. ir. Martin Tenpierik

Fellow #1

Fellow #2