There is plenty of work to do in densely populated delta areas. Complex challenges ask for new, knowledge-intensive solutions. In the region of Zuid-Holland thousands of entrepreneurs, managers, researchers and engineers are constantly working on ways to keep the deltas sustainable, safe and resilient. In the Valorisation Programme Delta Technology & Water (VPdelta) TU Delft and regional development company InnovationQuarter work in partnership with various members of the delta cluster. Where they pool their knowledge and experience to come up with innovative small-scale and affordable products and services which will offer solutions to issues surrounding the planning, management and use of urban deltas in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Valorisation for innovation

The knowledge valorisation process is crucial for innovation and forms the basis of the programme. VPdelta organises and facilitates cooperation between research institutes (public) and businesses (private).  TU Delft, Deltares, and TNO, three of the Netherland’s most prestigious research institutes, provide the up-to-date knowledge necessary for the development of new products. In the field labs VPdelta links product development by entrepreneurs with knowledge development by researchers. Three innovation areas

VPdelta stimulates innovation in three main areas: Safe Delta, Urban Delta, and Smart Delta. Public sector partners are testing, developing and presenting solutions to delta management issues in experimental environments, both in the Netherlands and abroad. They are providing some 100 start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses with the necessary space, knowledge and means to develop new, affordable and scalable products and services for modern delta management.

The field labs are breeding grounds for new scientific insights. Through testing, demonstrations and large-scale application by launching customers (area managers) up-to-date knowledge finds its way into the day-to-day practice of delta management.    

If you would like more information the VPdelta team will be happy to speak to you. So please feel free to contact us.