Impact Studio

Impact Studio, the TU Delft pre-incubation programme for early-stage startups, is here to support entrepreneurs and researchers in exploring the market and the business potential of their technology. At Impact Studio, entrepreneurs and researchers are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to advance their startups. Upon completing the program, they are prepared to participate in accelerator programs, such as YES!Delft.


What does Impact Studio offer?

  • A 6 month coaching program, designed to assist in finding the problem-solution fit that aligns with the technology. Impact Studio also provides an online library of entrepreneurial knowledge to expedite the learning process.
  • Ideation Labs, which helps research groups identify and validate the practical applicability (problem-solution fit) and commercial viability (product-market fit) of technologies arising from their research. Impact Studio helps develop a value proposition and connects talented (master) students with researchers to support this process.
  • Customer Discovery support, where the expert team at Impact Studio conducts rapid market validation for technology or innovation and analyses market opportunities.
  • Open Office Hours, where everyone can ask their first questions to one of the expert coaches.

Impact Studio is a collaborative initiative of the Innovation & Impact Centre, Delft Enterprises, and Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship.

This video explains it all

How to apply to Impact Studio?

We welcome ambitious startup entrepreneurs and researchers who are serious about building a startup and are eager to learn and grow. Here's how to apply:

To apply for the coaching programme

  • Suitable for anyone determined to work on their startup.
  • Apply by sending an email to and request the application form.
  • Our coaching programs typically start twice a year, in the spring and the autumn, but you can also join at any time during the ongoing program.

To apply for the Open Office hours

  • Suitable for anyone with burning questions about starting a startup.
  • Sign up by filling out this form.

To apply for Ideation Labs or Customer Discovery Support

  • Particularly suitable for research groups (Ideation Labs) and researchers in need of assistance in commercializing their innovation (Customer Discovery Support).
  • Apply by sending an email to and ask for the options.