As a university deeply rooted in society we want to convert inventions and technical knowledge in applications from which everybody can profit. To achieve that goal, a good collaboration with the industry, government agencies, civil societies and other knowledge institutions are necessary.

Delft University of Technology works  - both nationally as internationally – together with a number of partners on solutions that can have a major impact on society. We do so within corporate innovation, public-private partnerships, on a thematic level and in a number of other ways.

Next to that, the TU Delft Campus is an attractive location to settle for companies and research facilities that are closely involved in research that is being conducted at Delft University of Technology or that want to be around talent.

Within public-private partnerships, government agencies and private companies work together on realising (often complex) projects. Delft University of Technology participates in several of these kind of partnerships. 

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Multi-party collaborations are essential to translate complex technological developments into innovations. We build a bridge between academics and companies with ambition by developing strategic collaborations. Together with experts we develop tailor-made research and innovation projects that fit the strategic agenda of companies. We do so by involving our extensive TU Delft and TU Delft Campus network of academics, students, entrepreneurs and corporates.

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Research subjects are often so complicated and wide-ranging in nature that the only way of responding to them is to adopt a thematic approach in which various disciplines cooperate in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary alliances. Think of robotics, where mechanical and electrical engineering, industrial design and computer science come together.

Within Delft University of Technology, this cooperation is structured within  research institutes, research schools and the so called Delft Research-based Initiatives. Besides that, we collaborate with other (technical) universities in the Netherlands and some renowned institutes. On an international level, Delft University of Technology is active on a number of fields, for example the Global Initiative and the Joint Research Centres.

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Advisors from the Research Funding Teams assist academics in obtaining research grants. They also engage in dialogue with industry, policy makers and politicians of the Netherlands and the European Union.

The Funding Teams and academic staff have jointly been successfully engaged in agenda setting for research investment policies and the development of its large scale and long term research programmes (flagships) at the Dutch governmental bodies and the European Union.

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