AI for Leaders

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is hot, everybody talks about it. The impact of AI on our society and businesses is growing significantly. However, many innovation professionals do not yet fully grasp how AI may benefit their organisation, and most do not have the technical know-how to provide proper guidance to an AI-based innovation process.

Master the foundations of Artificial Intelligence in order to unlock its strategic value for your organisation. Evaluate which use-cases are suitable and learn how to translate technology to a business model.

On completion of the programme you will know:

  • What AI really is
  • How to identify AI hype from reality
  • Relevant domains within AI which should be considered (such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning)
  • Strengths and weaknesses for different methods
  • Considerations that should be taken into account when exploring the implementation of an AI system in your processes
  • The tools to take into account ethical, responsible perspectives in engineering your AI solution

The programme looks at various approaches in the field. It offers a realistic perspective on their strengths and weaknesses, allowing participants to evaluate their application in new business strategies and the implications for societal and economic issues it may raise.

Participant profile

This programme is designed for experienced upper and middle management operatives who see AI take a significant role in their business in the future and who wish to gain a grounding in the foundational mechanics of AI, allowing them to accelerate their AI implementation.

Practical info

Dates: 22 April, 12 May, 3 June, 22 June
Length: 4 days in total with intermodular activities
Location: Delft
Investment: EUR 5600 excl. VAT

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This module explores the foundational concepts underlying many of the AI techniques that will be discussed during the following modules and looks at some of the data challenges that one can expect.


Considers the value of applying computerised agents in your organisation. Decision support systems can analyse large amounts of data, provide insight, and act as advice givers for decision making processes, while recommender systems provide insights on possible options based on a set of preferences.


This module explores the ability for systems to learn to perform a specific task. Various learning approaches such as supervised and unsupervised learning will be covered and applications in practise will be discussed.


Deep learning is a sub branch of machine learning which transforms data through multiple layers. This method is often applied to computer vision, where the goal is to have computers successfully mimic human visual perception and reasoning capabilities. The mechanics and application of these techniques will be discussed.

The AI for Leaders programma is designed for face-to-face interaction. However should COVID-19 restrictions not allow for thus, the module will be hosted online. This will be determined on a module by module basis


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