Digital Ethics by Design

New technological developments create significant opportunities but could also raise ethical challenges. Moral reflection on these ethical challenges plays a significant role in stimulating innovation.

When our most deeply held values are at stake – values such as privacy, transparency, safety, security, trust, autonomy and well-being – ingenious new solutions are what we most need. Ethical reflection is, therefore, a significant driver for innovation. TU Delft has been at the forefront of developing ethical design methodologies through our Values Sensitive Design approach.

On completion of the programme you will know:

  • The Values Sensitive Design approach for the design of ethical digital products
  • How to work with tools for ethical reflection in design
  • How to design better and more innovative products
  • How to achieve competitive advantage using the value sensitive design approach

Participant profile

This masterclass is primarily aimed towards experienced mid-level to senior-level managers in companies working on innovations in the digital domain. It is also suitable for people working at a similar level for governmental and non-profit organizations. We strive for a balanced group of participants who will benefit from each other’s experience and insights.

Bring design for values at the core of your company and the innovation process. Learn to work with tools for ethical reflection early in the innovation process to help prevent failed technology implementation because of rejection by society.Instead benefit by designing for values to create better products and services, with long-term benefits for companies, citizens and society.

This interactive masterclass is developed in collaboration with the Delft Design for Values Institute.

Practical info

Date: 30 September 2022
Length: 1-day interactive masterclass
Location: Delft
Investment: EUR 975 excl. VAT

Enrollment Form

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