Robotics - Digitising Physical Work Processes

Digitalisation is a crucial aspect of modern business, finding applications in a wide range of domains and fields. When looking at the digitalisation of physical work processes, robotics can play an important role. With their embedded Artificial Intelligence, robotics solutions sense their surroundings, process information and (inter)act with the world.

Implementing robotics into the human world of physical work has clear potential benefits: increased quality and productivity and improved employee happiness as it will replace repetitive and heavy work with meaningful, less harmful work.

Before implementing robotics, it is essential to define the business case properly. This requires insight into: the technical feasibility and possibilities, the effect on the work process, employee satisfaction, developing and defining the impact on productivity and the impact on the organisation as a whole.

In order to enable leaders to effectively explore potential robotics applications, TU Delft and fieldlab RoboHouse have developed a one-day Masterclass.which will focus on the following elements:

  • Robotics State-of-the-Art:
    An introduction to the available tools and technologies, with an outlook into the near future.
  • Defining the business case:
    Defining key elements to consider when developing robotics use-cases and business cases, providing a framework to build your business case.
  • Involving the work-floor:
    How to involve the employees on the work floor to improve the successful implementation of new technology.

Participant profile

This Masterclass targets senior operatives within commercial and governmental organisations operating at a strategic level. The Masterclass will present the latest perspective from academic research and discuss the application of these perspectives through practical cases. You will share experiences with peers, and there will be networking opportunities. This Masterclass is offered in cooperation with the RoboHouse fieldlab and available as open programma or as in-company training. An in-company training allows for tailoring to specific industry or organisational contexts. 

Practical info

Date: March 31, 2022
Length: 1 day
Location: RoboHouse, Delft
Investment: EUR 975 excl. VAT

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