Safe Infrastructures by Design

Digitalisation is a crucial aspect of our modern society, and it has found application in many domains, including our infrastructures. There are clear benefits to this development. Still, it also significantly increases our infrastructures’ dependency on its supporting communications infrastructure.

Damages due to malfunction in the infrastructure can have substantial societal, financial and reputational consequences, which can be challenging to restore. Therefore, it is vital to design and maintain our (digitalised) infrastructures to minimise this potential risk of failure. TU Delft Safety and Security Institute specialises in approaches witch ensure that our digital and physical infrastructures are designed and maintained in such ways.

During this Masterclass, we will offer a strategic perspective on ensuring your organisation’s infrastructure is safe by design by focusing on three distinct elements:

  • Risk Analysis
  • Fortification strategies
  • Crisis Management

Participant profile

This Masterclass targets senior operatives within commercial and governmental organisations operating at a strategic level. The Masterclass will present the latest perspective from academic research and discuss the application of these perspectives through practical cases. You will share experiences with peers, and there will be networking opportunities. Those organisations that recognise the crucial role their (digital) infrastructure has to their business or society as a whole do not want to miss out on this Masterclass!

Practical info

Dates: TBA
Length: 2 days 
Location: TBA
Investment: TBA

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