Through collaboration with housing corporation DUWO, TU Delft can offer its international staff & guests help in finding initial accommodation (for a maximum up to 1 year) when coming to the Netherlands. This service is available for those coming directly from abroad. Please note that there is a high demand of rooms in Delft and we cannot guarantee housing.

Short-stay accommodation for the following target groups are available:

PhD candidates                             - 4 months to a maximum of 1 year

Other (guests/employees)             - 2 weeks to a maximum of 1 year

Those intending to stay in the Netherlands for more than twelve months will need to find alternative accommodation themselves while in short-stay. We advise all staff and guests to start looking as soon as possible if they wish to stay more than twelve months.

Please note: TU Delft charges a non-refundable housing fee of € 250,00 (including VAT) for this service plus a € 22,50 platform registration fee. The total amount is € 272,50. Please note that bank charges are for your own account.