03 December 2020

How the Internet of Things is changing the TU Delft Campus into a living lab

In times of this pandemic, the TU Delft Campus has changed into a living lab for monitoring traffic flows on and around the campus. The plan for this type of monitoring already existed, but due to COVID-19 the implementation of the project has been intensified.

18 November 2020

The journey of ZED

ZED, which stands for Zero Energy Development, is one of the TU Delft finalists of the 4TU Impact Challenge and focuses on ‘batteryless’ and wireless IoT devices. But where did the team come from and how did they come to where they are now? We will tell you the story of ZED, a team that wants to make the world of IoT a more sustainable one. We had the pleasure to talk to PhD candidate Suryansh Sharma, associate professor Ranga Rao Venkatesha Prasad (also known as VP) who both work for the faculty of Enigeering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EWI) of the TU Delft, and business intern Josine van der Velde about their journey.

05 October 2020

The need for hands-on research

In a previous article, Aaron Ding explained the current shift to the edge computing paradigm. He explained that ‘we tend to think that engineering is the solution for most of the problems’, but that ‘some of the problems are so hard, that’s impossible to solve just by pure technical mechanisms’. Ding, therefore, urges the need to work together on IoT innovations, across disciplines and across sectors.

26 August 2020

The shift to the edge

As the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing, so does the attention to edge computing. ‘We’re currently shifting to this new computing paradigm’, explains TU Delft Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Aaron Ding. Already in the foreday of edge computing, Ding’s research focuses on IoT and the power of distributed computing resources that are deployed at the network edge.

21 July 2020

Do IoT Fieldlab taking shape with the construction of technical infrastructure

Construction of the new Do IoT (Delft on Internet of Things) Fieldlab will continue to progress during the next few months. Thanks to a financial contribution from the ‘Kansen voor West’ programme, which is receiving funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the work on building the required technical infrastructure can begin.

22 June 2020

‘Working with students gives our R&D a boost’

In the corner of the TU Delft Campus, the start-up SenseGlove is building the future of Virtual Reality (VR). Consisting of a team of twelve entrepreneurial minds, SenseGlove develops a hand exoskeleton that ‘makes the digital feel real’. COO Niels Bogerd explains that the gloves can be applied in many ways, ‘varying from virtual training in machine maintenance, to evaluating prototypes in VR’.

10 May 2020

Wiebke Toussaint prizewinner in EdgeX Foundry Challenge

Wiebke Toussaint, PhD researcher under the supervision of Aaron Ding and Marijn Janssen, scooped up Second Prize in the EdgeX Foundry Ideation Challenge for her application of privacy preserving occupancy monitoring in health care facilities. The goal of the challenge was to innovate and come up with ideas on how to use the EdgeX platform, over different types of devices or domain use cases.

17 October 2019

The digital revolution is coming: Do IoT Fieldlab officially launched

The new Do IoT Fieldlab (Delft on the Internet of Things) was officially launched on Wednesday afternoon during a kick-off event on the TU Delft Campus.


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