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Hi, I am Regina, and I finished my Master’s Degree Strategic Product Design at the TU in Delft. In my articles I tell you all about my experiences during this Master course, during Dutch Design week, and how to write a paper and getting it published.

Regina Morán

Regina's most recent article:

Writing a paper and getting it published

Regina Morán | July 2020

During the master, you will write papers in some courses, and you can decide to present or try to publish your work. For this article, I will share my own experience in publishing a paper.
I will explain what the project is about, where it was presented, what the biggest challenge was, and the learnings. I have also interviewed another student who wrote a paper as part of the research elective.

Presenting at the Dutch Design Week

Regina Morán | July 2020

During the master, you will design different solutions for existing challenges. Hence, you may have the chance to present your work in different events such as the Dutch Design Week. For this article, I interviewed one student from the master Design for Interaction. She presented her work in the 2019 edition of the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. I will explain what the project is about, what the biggest challenge was, and the learnings she took from it.

SPD Courses in Brief: an overview of what you’ll study

Regina Morán | May 2020

This article will provide you with an overview of the courses you will have as an SPD master student. The information is provided based on my experience as a student who started in autumn, however, it is also possible to start in the spring semester. To see the full master programme, visit SPD Programme. Besides, you can see a detailed description of each course in the Study Guide.

Courses in (year 1)

During the first year, the courses provide you with a set of knowledge, skills and tools. Hence, you will have courses that will provide you with theoretical and practical knowledge. I perceive that during the fall semester, the purpose is to provide you with the general skills and knowledge you need as a strategic designer. 

Surprises, challenges and learnings at IDE

Regina Morán | April 2020

For this article, I did a small questionnaire among students at IDE. I collected the answers from students of the three masters at IDE. The aim of this article is to provide you with some tips based on our own experience as students at TU Delft. In the following paragraphs, I share the ones I considered the most interesting and useful. Students answered three main questions; what has been the most surprising aspect of the faculty, what has been the most challenging moment during their studies, and which has been their main learning during their master. Besides, I also add my personal opinion based on my experience.

This is Design Doing

Regina Morán | January 2020

During the first year of my master, I was surprised that in the MSc courses we were already working for companies. One of my first projects was for KLM. Then, I learned about the collaboration between TU Delft and KLM called Design Doing. The aim is to connect employees, researchers and students fostering a culture of design throughout the company. As a student, it is a great opportunity to see the innovation possibilities to design and build design-driven organizations!

Why choose the Medisign Specialization?

Regina Morán | November 2019

The Medisign Specialization is meant to form students capable of designing new products and services that answer to current needs and are also future-proof. To be part of the Medisign Specialization, you should be enrolled in one of the masters of the faculty; Integrated Product Design (IPD), Design for Interaction (DfI) or Strategic Product Design (SPD). Among the possibilities, TU Delft has three Design Labs related to healthcare; CardioLab, Critical Alarms Lab and End of Life. Each Design Lab works with different organizations and it is a good opportunity to get deeper into a topic of your preference through a research project. Design in healthcare is expanding worldwide, by choosing the Medisign Specialization you can contribute to improve the healthcare sector.

Honours Programme

Regina Morán | April 2019

The Honours Programme gives you the opportunity to focus on a project of your interest and to take an extra challenge beyond the regular courses. It is an opportunity to see your own capabilities and what you need to improve. You get to manage your time and your workload to move forward with your project. You work with a coach that guides you during the project and you get to know other students that are part of the programme. It is an opportunity to put in an extra effort and challenge yourself.

Research Possibilities

Regina Morán, March 2019

The faculty of IDE at TU Delft is the largest design research institute in the world with 100 design researchers and 120 PhDs. I interviewed professor Pieter Jan Stappers, director of Research, to know more about it. According to Professor Stappers, “there are plenty of opportunities to find and discover people with research expertise on a particular topic”. In general, the faculty focuses on three societal challenges, sustainability, health and mobility. So, if you are willing to learn more about design research, TU Delft is the right place for you!

Experiential Learning

Regina Morán, December 2018

The Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering is formed by students all over the world. We all come from different backgrounds and the way in which we were taught at our previous university might be different from the way of teaching at TU Delft. Here at the university, you will learn by experiencing and by putting your knowledge into practice. It is your decision how involved you want to get in every project. I am positive that in the past months at TU Delft I have been able to learn more than I could have imagined.