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Research at IDE

At the Industrial Design Engineering faculty, there is a lot of cutting-edge research going on. There are approximately 250 researchers in the community working on a wide range of topics. These topics are structured around IDE’s three research themes of Health, Mobility, and Sustainability, three Delft Design perspectives of People, Technology, and Organisation; and Designing Design. As a new student (or even an old one) it can be hard to keep track of everything happening. Hopefully, this article can be your starting point.


In the first days of the semester, for the course Manage your Master there are research days. These are a great way to get an insight into the research world at the faculty. They often entail a scheduled presentation from some researchers and an occasional activity or workshop to understand what they do. The more prominent research themes of health, mobility, and sustainability were decided upon a few years ago. This is based on the market requirements for the current and future scenarios. These themes cater to what the market needs while the design perspectives are what we as designers can offer to the world. The area of people, technology, and organization entail topics that we as designers can help the world improve on.

Hi, my name is Shruti, and I am following the Design for Interaction Masters Degree in Delft. Find out all about my experiences living and studying in Delft here.

Shruthi Venkat


Once you are accustomed to and get a hang of all the research happening within the faculty, you can reach out to specific people and talk about your interests. The Delft Design labs consist of groups that work in the space of theme-based knowledge development. The work in the labs covers a wide range of topics from future libraries to global health. That's another avenue to explore and find common interests. From personal experience, everyone is more than welcome and enthusiastic to share their knowledge with you. There are also opportunities to get involved with these research groups. For example through a project, a research elective, and an assistantship to name a few ways.  The groups also host graduation students for master's thesis projects. Doing a graduation thesis with a research group can help situate the project with ongoing work and get expert help from the researchers in the group. This website links the profiles of researchers to current research. This overview makes it easy for students to find researchers that are most relevant to their area of interest. Hope this gives you a clear idea to start your research career at TU Delft!

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