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Hi I'm Vignesh and I am currently in the final stage of my Master course Strategic Product Design at the TU Delft.

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Bikes, Delft, and Nederland!

Vignesh Balakrishnan | April 2021

If you are planning to start masters in the Netherlands, polishing your biking skills should be in your priority list because on Dutch streets, bikes rule. Bikes are an essential part of Dutch culture and holds even more importance in student life; Your bike is your best friend. Be it going to campus, grocery shopping, visiting a friend or to just for leisure, bikes make life easier.   Delft is a beautiful city with both narrow alleys and picturesque streets. Most roads have dedicated bike track and with having a maximum speed of 30 kmph in every living area makes biking even safer. Biking can be a really enjoyable experience in Delft especially with lush green nature surrounding the city.  If you are coming here to Delft, here are a few tips and trips in relation to biking.

Getting a bike

In a country where bikes outnumber people, choosing a bike for yourself is going to be tricky. You have to decide which bike suits you best and where to get it from. You have a lot to choose from depending on your preference and there are multiple ways with which you can buy one. Here are some useful links.

Long term bike rental -

Short term bike rental -

Bike stores – Fietscyclette, Decathlon, Wijtman Tweewielers.