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Flight Case is an international program where a group of 28 master students of the industrial design faculty get to solve cases with companies in a country out of Europe. Last summer 2022, we went to Singapore!

Hi, my name is Yuka, and I am following the Integrated Product Design Masters Degree in Delft. Find out all about my experiences living and studying in Delft here.

Yuka Reinoso Hayashi

If you like working on challenging and intensive design projects while immersing yourself in a new culture, this might be an interesting experience for you too! 

The Flight Case 2022 team traveled to Singapore and participated in design projects at P&G, Hp, and IBM. These companies provided us with a design challenge, for which we started to work from The Netherlands doing research and ideation before summer. Once we arrived in Singapore, we collaborated with the workers of the companies in their offices. The projects were mostly focused on Gen Z, so we were able to incorporate our personal knowledge and experience into them. While we brought fresh ideas, new points of view, and knowledge about design methodologies, they provided their experience, perspectives, and deep knowledge of the field. We conducted co-creation and creative facilitation sessions, prototyped, and pitched them our ideas. Workers from the companies and we, students, shared and combined our abilities and worked together on the design briefs.

Besides the workdays at the companies, we also had some networking events and visits. We visited the ArtScience Museum, the Aleph Labs agency, The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), and the National University of Singapore (NUS). We toured the facilities and participated in some creative activities with students and workers. We had some networking events at the Design Singapore Council and the Hollandse Club as well. There, we got the chance to talk with several professionals with similar backgrounds to ours that are currently working as designers in Singapore. Meeting them was an inspiring experience!

However, not everything is work during the Flight Case trip. Coming to Singapore from Delft, we had to explore the country as deeply as we could. We discovered a whole new culture: its people, its food, and its habits; and made new friends along the way. As part of the trip, we went to Malaysia to spend some days with the entire group on the island Pulau Tioman. There, we snorkeled, did excursions, partied, and relaxed on the sunny beaches. And before coming back to Delft, some of us stayed longer in Asia and kept traveling around!


The Flight Case 2023 team is going to South Korea, and you might have the chance to join the team. If you want to know more, click here!

Pictures by Alina Wundsam

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