Design of a training simulator for orthopaedic surgeons


Foxpat: A training simulator for orthopaedic surgeons to practive the Cementless Oxford Partial Knee Replacement procedure.

I was going for significant improvement of health and longevity throughout decades.

Nitin Gurram, Industrial designer at Laerdal Medical

Design methodologies

Field research, technology research, Market research, Conceptualisation,


For the correct insertion of implants the tactile skills of surgeons can be crucial to have the procedure done right. Tactile skills and experience need time and practice to grow. Although good tools are essential, training of these procedures are a key element for these skills to emerge. The surgical procedure in this project however, requires specific and (limited) available training materials. The challenge of this project was the design of a training simulator that allow surgeons to train and maintain their skills.


The project introduces 'Foxpat'.  A completely reusable training tool that accurately simulates knee anatomy. Surgeons can practice multiple times before they try on a real patient to maintain and improve their surgical skills. Foxbat is also an intelligent training device that provides feedback to the surgeons on their performance. This training setup is suitable for both young and the experienced surgeons. It allows surgeons to maintain their skills regardless of the number of proceedures they perform in an easy accesible and accurate way.

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Nitin Gurram

  • Michael Malon (Company mentor)
  • Sander Spruijt (Oxford Knee Group, Haga Ziekenhuis)