One of the objectives is to develop/continue a joint research program (R&D, demonstration, dual degree PhD, PdEng) in state of the art research environments. One of the research priorities is the use of waste materials from sugar cane (such as bagasse) as a feed-stock for producing ethanol or higher value chemical products. Sustainability is high on the agenda with projects to evaluate and improve the integral economic, environmental and social sustainability of biofuel and biochemical production. This involves e.g. scientific studies on and technology development of remote monitoring systems, recycling of nutrients from waste (water) streams, low cost bioreactors and integrated biorefineries.

TU Delft has strong research groups in the field of biobased economy, focussing not only on technology development but also on sustainability.

There are a number of opportunities for funding of joint research, e.g. the BE-Basic and FAPESP joint calls for proposals, offering several millions of US$ for selected projects every year. An overview of approved and on-going BIOEN projects can be found on the BE-Basic website.  A complete overview of joint projects is presented in the table below.

The research projects help to develop scientific and technological competencies, foster strategic alliances for technological applications, promote the dissemination of knowledge and generate results which potentially could lead to business development.

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