Work on Library renovation starts     

The renovation work on the Library starts on Monday, 11 November. In the space of just over six weeks, all rooms, the lounge, the copy room and most project rooms will be renovated. The Library will then enter the New Year spruced up and improved. So what can you expect in the weeks ahead and what results will the renovation ultimately deliver?

Rooms temporarily out of use
Until the end of the year, rooms will be unavailable for several days or even weeks. Details of the schedule for the various rooms can be found below and will also be communicated via the poster at the room itself. Any changes to the schedule will be incorporated into this list and communicated by means of these posters. The renovation schedule has also been entered into Mapiq, preventing you from booking that room on the dates indicated. During the renovation of the Glass Hall (Glazen Zaal) from 11 November till 4 December, there are no fixed computers available in the Library.

RoomOut of use on these dates
Glass Hall (Glazen Zaal) and mezzanine (Vide)11 November to 4 December and 6 December to 9 December
Orange Room (Oranje Zaal)12 November to 17 November and 2 December to 11 December
Red Room (Rode Zaal)12 November to 17 November and 2 December to 6 December
Blue Room (Blauwe Zaal)16 December to 27 December
Australia, Europe and South America 9 December to 13 December
Living Room (Huiskamer)9 December to 13 December
Copy/Print Room (Repro)16 December
South Wing (Zuidvleugel)11 November to 29 November

Noise nuisance

There will be disruption from noise at various times during the renovation work. There will also be additional activity in the areas leading to and from the rooms being renovated. Of course, we will try to keep inconvenience to a minimum, but please bear this in mind. To provide some relief, free earplugs are available from the desk.

New look
The Library is set to enter 2020 with a new look. Many of the rooms and halls will be fitted with new flooring, project rooms will have room panels linked to Mapiq and there will also be sensors on the workspaces in the Glass Hall and mezzanine (Vide) to map their availability. Each workspace in the rooms will also have a power socket fitted to the table top, including two strong data points where you can connect your laptop. Every workspace in the Glass Hall will have a monitor and docking station. In the Glass Hall, 28 workspaces will have an all in one PC. Finally, there will also be some work in the South Wing: windows will be secured, blinds will be replaced, the walls will be painted and the second floor will have new carpeting fitted.

To be continued: new furniture in 2020
Although we will soon have nice new flooring, some of the furniture also needs a new look, including the red train seats in the foyer. These will be renovated in the New Year. Further information will follow in the New Year.

Glass Hall (Glazen Zaal)