Print books:More than 703.000
E-books:More than 142.000
Dissertations:  More than 91.000
Journals:Almost 50.000,  including
more than 19.000 e-journals                     



Library mission – free flow of knowledge

Knowledge sharing is the core business of the Library. This way we connect and enrich research and education at TU Delft.  We fully support that sustainable access to knowledge is vital and that sources of knowledge must be acknowledged. We believe that students, researchers and administrators are more successful when they can use knowledge from others and share the knowledge they have.

We try to bring this in practice in all our daily work, for example in being responsible for the open science programme of TU Delft and enabling good research sharing instruments like a trusted Repository and 4TU.ResearchData, which has its Data Seal of Approval. Recently we implemented Pure, our Current Research Information System, to be able to provide management information on a variety of research output.   We also support the open and online education programme of TU Delft. 

Three departments:

Research Services 
From finding the right resources, managing research data, to publishing and disseminating research output: Research Services supports researchers throughout the research lifecycle.
Researchers benefit from advice at both a strategic and practical level, depending on individual needs and experience.

Education Services (consisting of the teams: Education Support, Open Spaces, New Media Center and Studium Generale) Teachers can approach team Education Support to embed information literacy skills in their course programme. These skills help TU Delft students and PhD candidates in learning how to find and use scientific information. We offer online information and training about the processes of orientation, exploration, literature search, processing, and  publishing. In the context of academic visibility, we offer support in writing, publishing and disseminating academic output. This year we have developed an Open Science training for PhD candidates.

Open spaces
The mantra of the team Open Spaces is: Meet, study, work, relax: get inspired. We endeavour to facilitate an optimal learning environment for students who wish to study, to meet each other and to work together in all kinds of ways.

An important aspect is the diversity of the environment we offer, ranging from ‘silence and concentration’ areas to ‘meeting and interaction’ spaces. We also organise exhibitions, lunch lectures, games and other inspirational or fun activities.

The NewMedia Centre is both consultant and production center for researchers and teachers in working with new/other media. And Studium Generale offers a very diverse programme for the TU students beyond the edge of the mandatory curriculum. 


The Library is responsible for managing a vast amount of resources. We house the largest collection of scientific and technical literature in the Netherlands. Besides a physical collection of nearly 900.000 books, a map room and a treasury, we provide access to even more online material. Both our Current research Sytem (Pure) and our repository offer sustainable storage of TU Delft scientific research output.

Besides the needed literature for research and education, the resources department also consists of an Academic Heritage team. One of the main objectives for this team is to inventory, maintain and make visible all of the university’s academic heritage.  This in close connection with the Open Spaces team mentioned above.

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