Exhibition Preppers Paradise

How to Survive the End of Life?

Due to the stricter measures taken by the Dutch government to combat the spread of the coronavirus, the TU Delft Library is closed to visitors until 31 March 2020. Unfortunately, the exhibition 'Preppers Paradise' can therefore no longer be visited.


Survivalism is a movement of individuals or groups (called survivalists or preppers) who are actively preparing for emergencies, including potential fatal disruptions in the social or political order. The word prepper is derived from the word preparation. The goods that "doomsday preparers" make, collect and store have a very recognizable visual language. Packed cellars and shelves filled with boxes. Ordered, clear, straight.

Visual artist Art van Triest confronts the viewer with this powerful, almost military, visual language. With skilled craftsmanship and quirky humor, van Triest transforms these items into thought-provoking sculptures and installations. With his works he raises social issues: the universal human tendency to strive for control and safety and to suppress our fears. In this case the fear is of doomsday and death.

Exhibition opening
11 February, 16.00 – 17.30  @TU Delft Library, Orange Room
Free entrance
Please register

16.00 - Walk in
16.10 - Introduction
16.15 - Maarten Keulemans about his book “Exit Mundi: the 50 best scenarios for the End of the World”. Maarten Keulemans is  historian, cultural anthropologist, science journalist, columnist and former main editor of Delta University paper. 
16.35 - Art van Triest will tell us about his installation in the main hall of TUD Library- “Preppers Paradise- How to survive the End of Life?”.
17.00 - Discussion
17.15 - Visit exhibition in the main hall with Art van Triest
17.30 - Drinks in Oranje Zaal (Orange Room)

This event is part of the TU Delft Library-program ‘Who is afraid of the end of life? Exploring and (re)designing values on (im)mortality’, a program created in collaboration with Studium Generale Delft, Theater de Veste, Filmhuis Lumen, CUBE design museum and several study associations and researchers of the TU Delft.