Exhibition Impact!

Ethical reflection through art, experience and interaction - 14 October - 16 December 2015

Students exposing their work:
Damar Aji Pramudita
Nadja Den Besten
Emilie Buist
Annetje Guédon
Sofia Kaliarnta
Katrien Meijdam
Kalle Nijs
Mariet Sauerwein
Raissa Ulbrich
Laura Zambelli Sessona
Mengying Zhang

Anamaria Buda
Harry Hoek (Public Library Rotterdam)
Shannon Spruit
Zoë Robaey
Marion Vredeling (TUD Library)

Visual Coaching:
Annick Spoelstra

Jan van der Heul

More about this exhibition

In the past, the inspiration came from the content of the books themselves. Today things are different, partly as a result of digitisation. So as a library, we’re now thinking about how we can use other means, other content and other forms to bring that same old sense of inspiration, but in a modern way. This is the basis of what we want to show: that we can also provide people with information in other ways.

Wilma van Wezenbeek, Director TU Delft Library

  Francine Houben

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