SG Presents the Corona Care Package

It has been four weeks already since we started with the Studium Generale Care Package, our strategy to make your quarantine as pleasant as possible by offering content that’s informative, inspiring and thought provoking on the basis of four focus areas: Mental Health & Wellbeing, Fake News, Arts & Culture and Philosophy. For the following weeks we decided to refresh the package, maintaining some focus areas, but also introducing new ones. Although we continue to share interesting content from other sources, there will be more emphasis on content we create ourselves, ranging from short clips to full online lectures. Do you want to contribute to the Studium Generale Care Package? Let us know!

In the following weeks our focus areas are: Mental Health & Wellbeing, The World after Corona, Arts & Culture, Clips & Lectures and Casual Friday.

Yoga & Meditation

Have you already joined us for an Instagram Live session or a dynamic meditation with a full body workout and conscious breathing?
These session boosts the immune system and promotes starting the day with a clear intention and direction of what we want to create, maintain, be grateful for and let go of in these challenging days.

Through this page, (mobile device recommended) we will continue our weekly stress buster on a Monday and a Friday.  

Sessions will start at 12.30 and will take around 40 minutes. Follow this  page to get updated about the sessions and let's 'meet' and meditate together. Join Sky & SG!